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The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe


As a result of the event known as Flashpoint the DC Universe was drastically altered. The purpose of the Unofficial Guide to the New DC Universe is to provide Who's Who profiles on characters, places, organizations, and events in this New DC Universe as well as character chronologies, series indexes and a history of the New DC Universe itself.

More information on the individual parts of the Guide can be found on the main page of each section of the the site.

For information on the DC Universe that came before we refer to the The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe.


An update to the new MediaWiki software unfortunately resulted in the site breaking down. We have been working hard at fixing the issue and are now back online. However, due to some changes in the basic coding of the new MediaWiki there are still a few issues that need to be sorted out. We will do whatever we can to fix those as quickly as possible but some pages might have some odd coding on the page or the layout might not look entirely right. We hope you will forgive us.

We Need You
The DCnU Guide need more contributors! Do you love DC Comics and are you a fan of the New 52 then you might very well be the person we are looking for.

Would you like to help expand the Guide by writing character profiles, sorting out chronologies, indexing or helping to find good quality images for the Guide then we would welcome you with open arms.

We will help you get acquainted with the templates you need and help you get started. The more contributors we can get the better a guide this will be to everyone.


Unlike our companion site The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe the new Guide is a wiki that all registered users can edit.

Join now and be a part of the chronicling the adventures of your favorite heroes and villains in the New DC Universe from the beginning.

Update for current users: As a new spam-prevention tool all users are required to enter a valid e-mail address. Current users will need to add and verify their e-mail address in their Special:Preferences page before being able to edit again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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