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Created by Steve Ditko
The Original Universe

Creeper (Jack Ryder).png
Creeper (Jack Ryder)


Real Name: Jack Ryder
Occupation: Investigative Reporter
Marital Status: Single
Base of Operation: Boston, Mass.
Group Affiliation(s): Outsiders III
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 194 lbs.
Eyes: Blue (as Jack); Black (as Creeper)
Hair: Black (as Jack); Green (as Creeper)
First Appearance: Showcase #73 (March-April 1968): "Coming of the Creeper"
Creators: Steve Ditko

All little boys better be good... Or beware... The Creeper - The Creeper
Quote taken from Creeper #2 (January 1998)


An investigative reporter, Ryder reached too far when he tried to take down a mob boss called Manny. Said Manny had him injected with hallucinogenic drugs, dressed in a bizarre costume and shot. Through a combination of events not entirely understood, Ryder survived, but with a frightening split personality: the self-righteous reporter Ryder and the insane, unpredictable Creeper. Ryder initially didn't remember his times as the Creeper, but this information was revealed to him gradually over the years.

The Creeper took part in a mission against Eclipso in which he, along with almost all the others on the mission, was slain. However, an ability to regenerate his body allowed him to survive to terrorise criminals once more. As Jack Ryder, he is now based in Metropolis and continues to work as a journalist, currently in the job once held by Clark Kent at the Daily Planet.


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